About us
The Metal Merchants Association was registered as an employer’s association in 1942 during WWII when South Africa introduced the Strategic Metals Act which severely limited the movement of secondary metal for recycling.

In 1999 the association changed its name to Metal Recyclers Association of South Africa (MRA) to accurately depict its involvement in the metal recycling industry. The constitution was amended and registered with the Department of Labour. The association adopted a code of conduct that commits its members to the highest degree of business ethics.

Today the MRA has a diverse membership base made up of organisations that are engaged in the collection and processing of more than 80% of all scrap metal in South Africa for beneficiation by downstream industry.


Association Activities



“Members vote in a new executive committee at each annual general meeting, held within 6 months of 31 March each year. This committee elects from within its ranks, a chair person; vice-chair and treasurer. The function of the committee is to represent members interests by managing the challenges faced by the scrap metal recycling industry by:”
  • Assisting business and law enforcement through the introduction of anti-theft measures.
  • Co-operating with consumers to ensure that local industry requirements are met.
  • Ensuring that government’s legislative initiatives are correctly researched.
  • Promoting the positive contribution of the metal recycling industry.
  • Safety, health and environmental issues relating to the industry.
  • Ensuring that members’ businesses are conducted in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • Policing members’ adherence to the association’s code of conduct.
  • Ensuring members conduct their businesses in accordance with all applicable government, provincial and local legislation.

Executive Committee


Mike Wilson – Chair 

Quintin Starkey – Vice Chair 

Monique de Jager – Treasurer

 Daniel Barnett

Albertus Nel 

Andrew Kilmartin

David Loewenthal

Bernard Maguire

Mrs Lisa Steenkamp 


Co-opted members:

Mr Brad Wild




Fine Metals

Star Recycling Company

Gauteng Metal Recyclers

S A Metal Group (Pty) Ltd

The Reclamation Group

Speciality Metals

Universal Recycling Company

Cronimet (RSA) (Pty) Ltd

Honeydew Metal Recycling


Co-opted members:

Star Recycling Company


Executive Committee


Mike Wilson – Chair                      Fine Metals

Quintin Starkey – Vice Chair            Star Recycling Company

Monique de Jager – Treasurer         Gauteng Metal Recyclers

 Daniel Barnett                             S A Metal Group (Pty) Ltd

Albertus Nel                                The Reclamation Group

Andrew Kilmartin                          Speciality Metals

David Loewenthal                         Universal Recycling Company

Bernard Maguire                           Cronimet (RSA) (Pty) Ltd

Mrs Lisa Steenkamp                      Honeydew Metal Recycling


Co-opted members:

Mr Brad Wild                               Star Recycling Company


The South African Metal Recycling Industry in Focus.

Metals, as non-renewable resources, are expensive to extract and even more costly to process. However, after ores have been extracted and processed, the resultant metal product can be recycled for reuse at much lower costs than raw, virgin ores. Since less energy is used there is a major environmental bonus. Therefore, a well-functioning domestic metals recycling industry is a cost effective, environmentally friendly component of the metals and downstream production value chains.

MRA Survey 2018

The Survey for 2018 is available for download.